Electric vehicles are expected to take North America by storm in the next couple of years

EVs and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) offer countries the ability to become less dependent on oil while also limiting emissions, making EVs a strong candidate for the future of the automobile industry.

The EVSE industry is made up of three distinct levels: level one, level two, and level three. This report includes level two and level three charging

In the early years of production, level two charging is expected to be the bulk of the EVSE industry with level three chargers following right behind.

This report includes industry trends, market drivers, restraints, challenges, pricing analysis, public issues, installation costs, standards, demand analysis, business models, forecast EV Sales, revenue and unit forecasts, market share split by revenue and company profiles.

Level one chargers are not expected to be a factor in this industry, mainly due to their slow charge times.

While multiple standards have already been set for the EVSE industry, future standards, such as those specifically for level three chargers, and communication standards between chargers and the grid, are expected to further validate this industry.

Utility companies are expected to easily handle the increased load that EV chargers will have on their grid. This does not mean that utilities will not have to scale for increased electricity usage, or that potential problems with transformers will not occur, but that overall, there is enough power to handle the expected demand, especially in the first few years of EV production.

The number of participants entering the EVSE market is increasing every year largely due to the fact that plug-in electric vehicles are expected to replace conventional vehicles at a rapid pace over the next 10 to 15 years.

The total North America EVSE market is expected to generate $16.13 million in revenues in 2010. Similarly, the units shipment for the industry is expected to produce in excess of 3,950 units in 2010, of which the bulk is level two non residential charger