Concord Pacific Developments wind farm with Vestas’ wind turbines

Concord Pacific’s new green energy arm, Concord Green Energy, is proud to announce that Red Lily I, a state-of-the-art wind power station, is complete and is now successfully generating renewable energy. It is the largest independent wind power project in Saskatchewan and will contribute significantly toward Canadian carbon reductions.

Red Lily I consists of 16 Vestas V82 wind turbines. The first phase will generate 26.4 MW. It will have an expected annual energy production of 88,000 MW-hrs. This is the approximate average consumption for 20,000 "condominium" homes and is equivalent to the number of homes developed in Concord Pacific Place in downtown Vancouver and Concord CityPlace in Toronto.

A proposed second phase of the project is estimated to generate 106 MW. "Being based in Vancouver and active in the residential high-rise development business, we live and breathe the building industry and can see the global environmental direction of the future," Concord President Terry Hui explains. "We firmly believe the demand for clean and sustainable green energy will increase. The shift to electric powered cars will play an important role in changing the profile of our electricity consumption."

With this project, Concord Pacific will provide a significant contribution toward carbon reductions in Canada. "With this project, and the projects in development through our renewable energy programs, wind power will make up about 8.5 per cent of SaskPower’s total generating capacity," said Robert Watson, President and Chief Executive Officer, SaskPower. "This project specifically will reduce green house gases by about 63,782,611 kilograms each year – that’s an environmental benefit equivalent to removing about 16,400 vehicles from Canadian road."

From its development business, Concord has learned that staying at the forefront of technologies and stepping up commitments of infrastructure are essential to sustainable communities. While developing Concord Pacific Place, a community already meeting LEED Gold Neighbourhood Design criteria, Concord was the first community created with fibre infrastructure in its buildings and recently the first to provide 220v infrastructure to accommodate future plug-in electric car demands. Mr. Hui expresses, "We plan to continue our investment in green energy technology both in our building projects and the clean energy sector itself. Among all environmental initiatives, green energy and energy efficiency technologies are probably the most measurable and certain in terms of environmental and financial benefits."

Concord Pacific is proud to be headquartered in Vancouver, a world leading progressively green city, and is energized to be working with Canada’s established clean energy leader, Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp. Algonquin is managing what is planned to be a two-phase large scale clean energy project initially developed by Gaia Power Inc. "We are very pleased that our contribution in the Canadian clean, renewable energy business continues to grow, "commented Ian Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of APUC. "Concord Pacific exemplifies innovation in sustainable communities and the successful completion of Red Lily reinforces both Concord’s and Algonquin’s focus on economic longevity, environmental respect and community engagement."

Concord Green Energy will be looking at a variety of investment opportunities in green energy technologies and production over the coming years. The Concord Erickson Energy and Architecture Fellowship was recently established in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) at UBC to further research and innovation in building energy technologies.

Concord Pacific is a developer of multi-phased, master planned residential neighbourhoods that are strategically designed to enhance the lifestyles of its residents. The company’s legacy as a master-planned community developer began with Concord Pacific Place on the former Expo `86 grounds on Vancouver’s False Creek waterfront. This project has steadily transformed the city’s skyline and redefined urban living. To date, Concord Pacific Place includes more than 10,000 homes, intermixed with parks, schools and a variety of retail and commercial services. The final phase of the community will transform the north-eastern shore of False Creek into a truly sustainable community with innovative architecture and engaging public spaces of world-class scale and use.

Concord Pacific recently created Concord Green Energy to explore and support a variety of zero carbon energy producing projects of scale. Energy considerations and solutions will be significant to the success of sustainable communities in the future. Planning for the infrastructure needs and requirements of Canadians has always been a cornerstone to Canada’s first urban community builder. Creating sustainable and clean energy to power the communities of the future is the vision of Concord Green Energy.