Asia-Pacific Markets Key to Long-Term Sustainable Growth for the Global Solar Energy Photovoltaic Sector

With solar energy incentive support throughout Europe shrinking, executives across the solar supply chain are pursuing new addressable demand opportunities for PV. To date, most media attention has focused on growing PV demand in North America. However, PHOTON Consulting’s analysis shows that the Asia-Pacific region’s attractive natural PV economics, aggregate economic growth trajectory and widespread electrification needs make the region the largest sustainable, global growth opportunity for solar energy through 2015 – according to the soon-to-be released 2011 downstream market study, Solar Power Markets: Eastern Sunrise.

‘This study provides the industry with concise, actionable information on Asia-Pacific PV demand with the goal of providing forward-thinking solar companies with the market intelligence they need to further the continued globalization of solar energy,’ said Chris Bolman, PHOTON Consulting analyst and author of Solar Power Markets: Eastern Sunrise.

PHOTON Consulting’s 2011 downstream market study, Solar Power Markets: Eastern Sunrise, profiles nine key Asia-Pacific markets for PV installation demand including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The study includes key data and forward-looking analysis on market prices, volumes, analytics and other important metrics through 2015, as well as detailed explanations of local renewable incentive schemes, market outlook sensitivities, key downstream market participants and strategic considerations for new market entrants.

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