Wind energy Gamesa receives GL certification for its G52-850 kW 60Hz wind turbines

Gamesa continues to make progress with GL on obtaining certification for its G10X-4.5 MW machine, a process which may culminate in late August 2011. Gamesa attends the EWEA trade fair to showcase its new G94-2.0 MW Class IIA turbine, which rounds of its most versatile turbine platform, the G9X-2.0 MW, and its G10X-4.5 MW machine and products for the offshore wind energy market.

Gamesa, the world’s leading wind energy technology company, today received a certificate from GL Renewables Certification (GL) for its G52-850 kW Class I 60 HZ wind turbine. The certification ceremony, held this morning at Gamesa’s stand at the EWEA 2011 international trade fair in Brussels, featured Gamesa Chairman Jorge Calvet and GL Vice President Mike Woebbeking.

The Gamesa G52-850 kW 60 Hz turbine is designed for the most problematic locations: difficult-to-access sites, high elevations (even above 3,000 metres), locations with high concentrations of particulates and corrosive atmospheric conditions or sites with stringent seismic requirements. "This certification will allow us to better position ourselves in emerging wind markets, such as Central America, South America and East Asia," said Gamesa’s chairman.

Gamesa certifies its platforms and turbine systems with accredited certification agencies, such as GL, for the purpose of conveying (via an independent, third-party opinion) to the market and financial institutions the integrity of its solutions for the design, development, manufacture and construction of its products.

The company has achieved GL certification for its G5X and G9X platforms and is in the process of seeking certification for its most state-of-the-art system, the G10X-4.5 MW, a process which may be completed sometime between June, when a design assessment is expected, and late August, when the company hopes to receive definitive certification.
Gamesa at EWEA 2011

Gamesa (Stand 11232) is making its annual appearance this year at one of the industry’s most significant events, EWEA 2011, to showcase several innovations, including its new G94-2.0 MW Class IIA turbine, which completes one of the most versatile systems on the market, the G9X 2.0 MW.

The company also offers trade fair attendees an overview of the evolution of its platforms and turbines, from the Gamesa G5X-850 kW to the latest technological innovations, the Gamesa G9X-2.0 MW and the Gamesa G10X-4.5 MW, using the motto: Gamesa Innova: evolution of a technology. Attendees at the industry exhibition may also learn about the company’s latest progress on its offshore systems: the G11X-5.0 MW and the G14X-6/7 MW.

The Gamesa G94-2.0 MW Class IIA turbine features a new, aerodynamic blade design and Gamesa NRS® control system to ensure maximum output with minimal noise.

Its most salient characteristics include:

* A next-generation, 94-metre rotor for medium-wind conditions
* An optimised, 78-metre tower (sections reduced from 4 to 3) and a new 90-metre tower
* Cutting-edge blade manufacturing technology: manufacture of light blades thanks to the use of fibreglass and prepreg fibres
* Pitch and variable speed technology to maximise energy output
* Gamesa’s active yaw system to guarantee optimal adaptation to difficult sites
* Gamesa’s WindNet® system: a browser-based remote control and monitoring system
* Gamesa SMP: proprietary preventive maintenance system
* Technology solutions to ensure compliance with leading international grid connection requirements.

The G9X-2.0 MW platform boasts an excellent track record and market acceptance. More than 10,000 MW of capacity in this turbine has been installed worldwide to date. The combination of a turbine with 2.0 MW of unit capacity and five rotors of different sizes (80, 87, 90, 94 and 97 metres in diameter) makes it one of the most versatile systems on the market, offering maximum output for any type of site.