Green Automotive Electric Vehicles Leave China for U.S.

Green Automotive Company Corporation (OTC:GACR) announced today that on February 26, 2011, it loaded and shipped nine (9) additional vehicles to increase its available fleet for both Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) testing and other vehicle evaluation purposes. This recent shipment, consisting of eight (8) All-Electric Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) and one All-Electric Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), originated from Shanghai, China and is expected to arrive this week in the Port of Long Beach, California.

According to Fred Luke, President of Green Automotive, the Company purchased the nine (9) additional vehicles for the express purpose of ensuring compliance with all U.S. DOT Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (“FMVSS”) requirements. “The purchase of these additional vehicles,” said Mr. Luke, “is in keeping with our plans to perform full compliance testing here in the U.S., which will ensure that the Company brings to market a full electric vehicle that is also fully compliant with all U.S. safety standards.”

Green Automotive announced late last year that it expects to initially enter the U.S. motor vehicle market before the end of 2011 with its All-Electric SUV, and recently plans to add the MPV to its planned fleet in 2012.

“The All-Electric MPV is an important addition to our original product line which, until now, consisted solely of the SUV,” said Steve Wells, Green Automotive Director and VP of Product Development. “This new multipurpose vehicle,” said Mr. Wells, “will be offered in two models; the first being the All-Electric model and the second a compressed natural gas (‘CNG’) version. In addition to being Eco-Friendly, this MPV has great lines, is very well engineered, excels in a variety of situations making it a strong product that is capable of serving residential, commercial and fleet applications, and should be an excellent complement to our All-Electric SUV.”

The Company intends to generate retail sales and market share through the development of a carefully selected nationwide distribution network in areas where the consumer and political climate is proactive towards “Zero Emission” vehicles. “Initial consumer interest and recent federal and state legislation supporting the use of zero and low emission vehicles,” said Mr. Luke, “have resulted in several vehicle purchase and tax incentives, particularly on the Pacific Coast and in certain states in the Mid-West and on the Atlantic Seaboard, which is where we intend to focus our marketing efforts.”

Green Automotive Company Corporation is a U.S. public company involved in the import and distribution of eco-friendly vehicles in the U.S. The Company is a development-stage importer/distributor of All-Electric SUV and crossover MPV vehicles throughout the United States. The Company’s shares are traded on the OTC Market Tier–OTC Pink Current under the symbol “GACR”.