Eolica Dobrogea sells four wind power projects in Romania to Iberdrola Renovables

Eolica Dobrogea has recently sold four wind energy projects in Romania to Iberdrola Renovables. These four projects are located in the municipality of Mihai Viteazu, district of Constanta, Romania and recently received all required construction licences. The development value of these four wind farm projects is of around EUR 10- 15 million, which is close to the shares sale price, Christoph Kapp, chairman of Eolica, told Romania-insider.com.

The wind turbines projects will have a nominal electrical power of 80 MW and will be connected to the existing 110 kV transformer station belonging to the electrical network of Enel Distributie Dobrogea SA. The recently-signed contract is part of the framework agreement between the two companies from February in 2008. Under this contract, Eolica Dobrogea develops through its affiliate in Romania, Eolica Dobrogea Srl., a wind energy project pipeline of more than 1,500 MW for Iberdrola.

Iberdrola has scheduled to start construction work in Mihai Viteazu during the coming weeks. The construction contracts are in place for bringing these 80 MW online by autumn this year. Iberdrola will later operate these wind farm plants under its Romanian company, Iberdrola Renewables Romania Srl. The first wind turbines are scheduled to be shipped to Romania early summer this year.

Eolica Dobrogea has over 50 wind farm projects under development in Romania, in Baia, Beidaud, Casimcea, Cogealac, Istria, Mihai Viteazu, Piatra and Sacele localities in Dobrogea area. In total, it plans to build 599 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 1,200 MW, according to the company. The major part of its pipeline has been purchased by Spanish Iberdrola Renovables, while Eolica still has several new greenfield wind power project in the pipeline. Eolica Dobrogea is owned by Swiss NEK Group, Romanian firm Rokura and Romanian investor C. Dica, according to data on its website.

Corina Saceanu, www.romania-insider.com/