Greensburg Wind Farm Named Wind Energy Project of the Year

The Greensburg Wind Farm in Greensburg, KS, has been named "Wind Project of the Year" by, a leading renewable energy publication. This award recognizes the project’s community benefits and unique financing model. Jeff Bernicke, president of NativeEnergy, accepted the award at the Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo in Tampa, Florida. said: "To recognize the perseverance of the people of Greensburg, Kansas, and the leadership of companies involved in developing and marketing the wind power project, the 12.5 MW Greensburg Wind Farm is the 2011 ‘Wind Project of the Year.’"

In May 2007, a massive tornado leveled Greensburg, destroying 95% of the town. In the face of this tragedy, the citizens of Greensburg decided to rebuild as "the greenest town in America." This plan—spearheaded by non-profit Greensburg GreenTown—included construction of the Greensburg Wind Farm.

The wind farm was financed in part through NativeEnergy’s innovative Help Build™ carbon offsets. By purchasing Help Build™ offsets, companies and individuals across the U.S. provided critical upfront funding for project construction. In return, they received a share of the project’s long-term verified greenhouse gas reductions. Major project supporters included: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Ben & Jerry’s, Brighter Planet, Stonyfield, CLIF Bar, Aveda, Clean Air-Cool Planet, and Reverb.

"When NativeEnergy first brought the Greensburg Wind Farm to us, we were excited to be early supporters," said Paul Comey, vice president of Environmental Affairs at GMCR, Inc. "Upon visiting the site and meeting the community, we realized we could make a difference. By purchasing carbon offsets from the project, we are mitigating our carbon footprint while helping Greensburg along its journey to become the greenest community in America."

"I’ve seen first-hand the tremendous progress that the people of Greensburg have made in their commitment to becoming a truly green community, so being awarded ‘Wind Project of the Year’ is a fitting recognition," said Chuck Bennett, vice president of Earth & Community Care at Aveda. "This tremendous honor reinforces my belief that Aveda’s support for the community and the wind project has been very well founded."

Jeff Bernicke, president of NativeEnergy, noted, "We are honored that the Greensburg Wind Farm has been named ‘Wind Project of the Year.’ This project demonstrates that well-planned environmental initiatives can have local economic and social advantages too. This was truly a community project—from the way it was financed to the benefits it offers."

The wind power project, which began operating in March 2010, consists of 10 new wind turbines, 1.25 MW each. The project developer, owner, and operator is Exelon Wind, LLC (formerly John Deere Renewables, LLC). The wind farm’s exceptional community benefits include job creation, lease revenues for local farmers, and greenhouse gas reductions. It is expected to reduce nearly one half million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide over its 20 year life.

NativeEnergy is a leading provider of verified carbon offsets and renewable energy credits. NativeEnergy’s Help Build™ carbon offsets help finance the construction of Native American, family farm, and community-based carbon reduction projects.