In Brasilia, first Italian Green Embassy in Italy, supported by solar power

The Italian Embassy in Brasilia and Enel Green Power presented Green Embassy, the first embassy of a European country using renewable energy for its energy needs.

Indeed, the Embassy has a solar energy system consisting of 405 photovoltaic modules, placed on the roof of the building, with a capacity of about 50 kWp.

The General Manager of Enel Green Power in Brazil, Enrique de las Morenas, said: "It’s an honour for Enel to contribute to this small but important action to create the first green embassy in Brasilia".

This solar power project is part of a development project that Enel Green Power is achieving in Latin America. In Brazil, Enel Green Power is in an advanced stage as regards the permit and authorization process for the construction and operation of three wind energy projects totaling 90 MW, and won the "last reserve auction" in August 2010.