THINK City electric vehicles: Two cents per km, whatever the price of oil

Fully charging the THINK City using a conventional household socket can cost as little as €3, or two cents per km (based on a 160km range). See the latest generation THINK City at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show, complete with a host of product updates and new equipment.

Pictured is the latest generation THINK City, as exhibited at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show this week. Two THINK City electric vehicles (EVs) are on display at the motor show, the first with ‘m-way’, THINK’s Swiss distributor, and the second with THINK’s manufacturing partner, Valmet Automotive. The new THINK City 2+2 (complete with two occasional rear seats) exhibited by Valmet Automotive, demonstrates optional winter sports specification, typical of the vehicle’s holiday usage in its native Scandinavia.

The THINK City 2+2 is the first four-seat offering from the company, and boasts generous headroom for all four passengers and a flexible seating formation, with 50/50 split folding rear seats to make the most of the sector-leading luggage space capacity of 700-liters. Useful baggage hooks also feature on the hind-side of the rear seats, perfect for carrying children’s or shopping bags out of the way of the four passengers.

m-way, part of the Swiss retail giant Migros Group, is the first THINK distributor to develop a dedicated Electric Mobility Concept Store, with a custom-designed flagship outlet in Zurich, revolutionising both personal mobility and the way in which new vehicles are sold. Visitors to the store can experience electric mobility in all its diversity, with multimedia screens, special exhibits and an innovative EV library with information on the extensive selection of vehicles for rent, lease or to buy from m-way.

Powered by industry-leading lithium-ion battery technology from award-winning battery maker Ener1 in the U.S., and now with air-conditioning and the electronic stability program as standard, the latest generation THINK City offers the most complete urban electric vehicle (EV) package on the road today.

THINK CEO, Barry Engle, said: “Following great progress in the last twelve months, the THINK product line-up leads the way in the EV sector, with excellent battery range and charging, four seats for the first time, a comprehensive options package and now N1 homologated urban delivery vans too. Also, the THINK City costs as little as two cents per km to run, whatever the oil price, so there really has never been a better time to enter the new and exciting world of electric cars.”

The THINK City is the world’s first EV to be granted pan-European regulatory safety approval and is homologated for sale as a passenger car across the continent. It is a zero emissions pure battery EV, built on a dedicated lightweight platform and designed as a modern urban car. It can travel at highway speeds of up to 110 km/h and cover up to 160 kilometres on a single charge (subject to driving style and conditions) with zero local emissions.

THINK is the world’s leading dedicated electric vehicle manufacturer, developed and proven over 20 years. This heritage gives the company a head start with having put nearly 10,000 electric vehicles on the road and accumulated more than 50 million kilometres of real customer experience. The THINK City, the first electric car to be granted pan–European regulatory safety approval (M1 certificate), is sold across Europe, with sales and production in the U.S. and operations being developed in Asia. The THINK City is also N1 type approved for the carriage of goods up to 237kg, and the first of its new range of electric delivery vans is on-sale now.

THINK is also a leader in electric drive train technology, and was the first to offer a modular and flexible electric drive-train solution in the business-to-business sector. With its Scandinavian origins and sustainability mindset, it is one of the most carbon-efficient car companies in the world.

m-way is the Migros platform for electromobility and a business unit of Migrol AG. With m-way, Migros remains true to its corporate values and its traditional role as a pioneer, promoting the development towards eco-friendly and sustainable mobility, and putting its own mark on it. The m-way mobility platform offers services in the areas of vehicle marketing and servicing, financial services and insurance, equipment and accessories, and also assistance.

Valmet Automotive is an experienced provider of automotive engineering, vehicle manufacturing, convertible roof systems and related business services. The company’s special areas of expertise are premium cars, convertibles and electric vehicles. Valmet Automotive employs 1600 professionals in Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the USA.