CanTex Energy to Acquire 400 MW of Prime Wind Farm

CanTex Energy Corp. (PINKSHEETS: CTXE) announced that it has completed the second installment of payments to WIND TEX ENERGY for the exclusive rights to lease an additional 30,000 acres (total of 56,000 acres) of leases to the Lynn and Lenorah wind power projects with a total of 400 MW capacity.

The company initially will apply for an Interconnect Agreement and use existing transmission line capacity with a Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on the Lynn location.

Both wind energy projects will be able to supply into ERCOT when the Central location of the competitive renewable energy zone (CREZ) transmission line is completed by early 2013, connecting at the Long Draw 345 Kv Switching Station in Borden County, Texas. ( — CREZ Transmission Optimization Study).

The project financing will require $25 M pre-construction and $810 M to construct the wind farms. Plans are to install 2.75 – 3.0 MW wind turbines. The Garrad Hassan wind data analysis has a 39% production capacity on 180ft towers. This is expected to increase 20-30% on 240 ft towers for no additional capital cost/MW and lower operating costs/MW.

The Lynn Project on 26,000 acres near New Lynn, Lynn County Texas will have an installed wind energy capacity of 180 megawatts, estimated annual average energy yield of 615,000 MW per hour.

The Lenorah wind farm project on 30,000 acres is located 20 miles east of Midland, Texas. It is adjacent to a currently operating wind project. All project land is leased with a wind energy capacity of 220 MW, estimated annual average energy yield of 750,000 MWhr.

CanTex Energy Corp. is a rapidly growing diversified independent energy company, with new projects from development of up to 400 MW Texas wind power to Texas and Oklahoma oil and gas development and exploration. CanTex has company offices in Oklahoma City, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas. CanTex Energy Corp. is a Non-Reporting Company, quoted on the Pink Sheets.