Wind Energy In Ukraine

Recently, Anatoly Blyzniuk, Donetsk Region State Administration’s chairman, declared that the erection work for the three wind farm units out of the total 23 wind turbines planned for Ukraine is completed.

Each of the completed wind turbines are designed to generate around 2.5 MW of wind energy. Installation of all the 23 wind turbines is anticipated to be over by 2015. Power production from the completed wind farm is anticipated to begin by 19th February.

Presently, the country utilizes only 0.2% of its projected wind power generation capacity. The country anticipates that its renewable power generation will go up by 6%. It is estimated that wind energy will alone meet nearly 20% of the power requirements of the country. The country currently imports nearly 60% of its energy requirements chiefly natural gas. The increased wind power generation and use of renewable energy is anticipated to assist the country to achieve energy self-sufficiency.