Government Support Brings Canada on the Forefront of World?s Wind Energy Market

The wind power installations in Canada have been growing exponentially in recent times asserts the report titled, “Canada Wind Power Market Opportunities 2016,” by TechSci Research. By the end of 2010, Canada’s collective installed wind power was more than 4 GW, as compared to only 1.8 GW in 2007.

The report makes the prediction that Canada could be at the forefront of the world’s wind power market in the future. This will be fuelled by the Canadian government’s efforts to draw energy from renewable sources. With government support and increased investment in wind power, the cumulative installed capacity is bound to increase five times by 2016. In 2009 alone, more than C$2.2 billion was invested in wind farm developments.

“Canada Wind Power Market Opportunities 2016,” provides a summary on the wind energy market in Canada such as wind farm capacity utilization, installation capacity by province and region, wind turbines equipment market, wind power resources and potential, regulatory landscape, current and expected scenario of offshore wind power, competitive landscape and tariff structure.