Wind Capital Group to Construct First Wind Energy Farm in Florida

This company has to its credit a total of 300 MW generation capacities in the Northwest Missouri region and this project would add another 150 MW of clean energy generation to their existing portfolio. This project in Florida is being planned in an area, which has been used for growing sugarcane and has dimensions of 10,000 acres. The company plans on leasing the land from the sugarcane growers who would continue to grow their crops there.

This project would be a first of its kind project for the state of Florida. Tom Carnahan, the founder of Wind Capital Group, has revealed that the project was still in the early stages but he hoped that it would be on its path to generate electricity by the end of 2012.

Wind Capital were also able to rely on the experts who monitored and counted the birds in the area and have also been participating in meetings with the local officials, environmental groups and landowners for addressing issues such as migratory patterns of birds and so on. Carnahan remarked that as Florida was a unique area, the company would take immense care to see that the wind energy generation would not cause any impairment to the conservation efforts carried out in the area.