JV Formed between SA India and Satarem for Installation of Windsat Wind Power Turbine

It has also launched the Windsat, a new and advanced wind power system, which is developed on the basis of the aerodynamic Venturi flow principle. Large wind farms normally have huge wind turbines, but in contrast Windsat is much smaller than them and has a capacity for 20kW to 1MW electricity generation. Its operation is much quieter than the conventional turbines and it can easily be integrated into the environment with its modular functionality and short blades.

Jerome Friler, the Chairman and Founder of Satarem, remarked that the wind turbine was highly flexible and could either be connected to the electric grid or act as a stand alone power source to be used in isolated locations such as mines, islands and villages.

He further mentioned that India being one of the leading renewable and alternate energy markets in the world would be a potential base for the company’s global energy business in the future. The company has also given an assurance that it would give training for the local staff for maintenance of the wind turbines and anticipates that the first Windsat would be installed in India within the next six months.