New Wind Power Production Plant Secures Multiple Contracts in 2011

Martifer-Hirschfeld Energy Systems LLC will begin hiring approximately 125 additional workers in March to staff its San Angelo, Texas wind tower production plant based on several contracts the company has secured in 2011.

Martifer Energy Systems, part of Martifer Group, and Hirschfeld Wind Energy Solutions, part of Hirschfeld Industries, announced the creation of a joint venture for the manufacture of wind towers and related components in the United States to serve the North American markets in 2009. The project cost is an estimated $40 million US dollars and will be completed in two stages.

“We have reached an important milestone with the award of orders from multiple global wind turbine manufacturers,” said Richard Phillips, President of Hirschfeld Industries. “And we are pleased to bring the combination of proven European norms and production capabilities to the US wind energy market.”

Work at the plant has already begun and ultimately production is expected to reach a capacity of 400 towers a year by 2013.

This joint venture brings together the expertise of Martifer Group in the manufacturing of wind power components and the local footprint, and extensive experience in infrastructure fabrication of Hirschfeld. This is the first joint venture between the two companies and will be equally held by each party.

Martifer Energy Systems, based in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal, has vast experience in wind power. Through various manufacturing units it produces towers, coverings and gearboxes for wind turbines and is a leading designer and manufacturer of wind turbines. Martifer Energy Systems also builds wind farms for third parties. Martifer Energy Systems, part of The Martifer Group, is present in over 20 countries, employs over 4,000 people. Martifer Group has been present in North America since 2007.

Hirschfeld Industries is one of the largest fully integrated fabricators of highly engineered structural steel components in North America. The company serves a wide range of end markets including transportation infrastructure, industrial development, commercial construction and power generation.

With eleven facilities and over 750 employees providing a national presence and industry leading footprint, Hirschfeld Industries is a major participant in the expansion and redevelopment of the U.S. transportation and energy infrastructure systems, both government-funded and private enterprises. Hirschfeld Industries was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in San Angelo, Texas.