Huntington Bank Installs Wind Turbines at Michigan Office

Huntington Bank, a $54 billion Columbus-based regional bank holding company, has installed a 1 kW building-grade wind turbine at its Muskegon offices in Michigan, as part of its commitment to usage of renewable energy.

The Muskegon wind energy project is Huntington Bank’s first in the utilization of renewable energy, and is to serve as a study site for potential new installations. The wind gusts at Muskegon average 14 miles per hour and go up to as high as 22 miles per hour. The region’s plentiful resources inspired Huntington to choose Muskegon for its wind energy project.

The Muskegon wind turbine has produced 70 kWH of electricity in the first two weeks of its production and Huntington expects the turbine to produce a minimum of 2,000 kWH of electric power in a year. The 1 kW turbine has been installed at a height of nearly 100-feet, where wind speeds are higher by 75%.