Vestas Contracts Wind Turbines Accord with WindPlus

Vestas has declared that it has contracted an accord with WindPlus for the readying of a first of its kind offshore wind energy project incorporating a wind turbine over a full-fledged partly submersible type of floating structure. The floating technology is utilized for the first time in such wind turbines installations.

WindPlus is a partnership company with EDP group on the lead with Principle Power and other companies as its partners. The initial project of the company known as WindFloat is expected to establish the required foundations for the growth of the offshore wind power generation business tapping the offshore wind potential from all over the world. The patented WindFloat structure developed by Principle Power is of the semi-submersible type with a simple and cost-effective design for use in offshore wind generation. The WindFloat incorporates novel features to arrest the movement of the platform induced by the waves or by the motion of the wind turbine, thus enabling the installation of offshore wind turbines at wind potential locations with 50 plus meters depth.

The WindFloat system will integrate a V80 2 MW wind turbine over the structure and the total installation will be subjected to test for a period of 12 months concentrating on the performance of the floating structure to validate its performance and to optimize wind turbine power production. Additionally, studies on the commissioning and decommissioning process, functioning of the WindFloat and its required maintenance services will also be performed to assess the suitability of its usage.