Southwest Solar Technologies Commissions Commercial Solar Thermal Dish

Southwest Solar Technologies has commissioned one of the world’s largest commercial solar dish in North America, which is three times more powerful than other solar dish designs. The solar dish concentrator is used as part of the Company’s dish-turbine solar power system for generating electricity.

Thrice as large as conventional dish designs, the concentrated solar energy collection area is spread over 320 square meters and is about 75 ft in diameter. The largeness of the dish optimizes the turbine generated developed in collaboration with Brayton Energy.

The current focus at Southwest Solar is a thorough operational testing of the dish as well as the major components of the turbine generator at Arizona. In the latter half of 2011, initial power-output testing of the dish will commence.

The solar dish turbine concept, a non-intermittent, scalable and renewable energy technology that required low volume of water was developed with support from the US Department of Energy.