Spain’s Gamesa to develop wind energy projects in northern China

Wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa has signed cooperation agreements with two Chinese companies to develop wind power projects in China, the company said Wednesday. The deals with Guangdong Nuclear Wind Power and Huadian New Energy Development will focus on projects in China’s Jilin Province and in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The wind farm projects will add an additional 600 megawatts and increase Gamesa’s total capacity in China to 2,726 megawatts.

Gamesa, a global leader in wind turbine manufacturing and wind farm development, said it has signed two new agreements with Guangdong Nuclear Wind Power and China Huadian New Energy Development to develop a total of 600 MW wind projects in Jilin province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The agreements will see Gamesa deliver several batches of G9X-2.0 MW wind turbines during the next five years.

Cooperation between Gamesa and China Guangdong Nuclear started in 2009. Since then, both sides have jointly developed wind projects in Shandong, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces. The new agreement is a unique milestone because it uses wind turbines produced in Gamesa’s Jilin factory, for wind projects in Jilin.

Joint cooperation between Gamesa and Huadian New Energy builds upon their first partnership in Inner Mongolia in 2009. That partnership not only helps to inject confidence into both sides but serves as a solid foundation for the new 300 MW contract and the overall partnership in the coming years. The project will use wind turbines produced in the coming Gamesa’s Inner Mongolia factory.

Jorge Calvet, Chairman of Gamesa said in his first trip to China in 2011 that "today’s news shows that we continue to grow with our clients here in China, one of our largest markets. We are a reliable partner for China in reaching its goals for clean energy and sustainable development. These agreements show that our Chinese clients value our leading technology and competitive Cost of Energy (CoE)".

Cooperation agreements of 2,726 MW in China

Gamesa operates as a wind farm developer in China, a competitive advantage which it us developing in conjunction with the country’s leading (global and provincial) power companies, thanks to its comprehensive understanding of the wind business. With this agreement, the company has cooperation agreements of 2,726 MW in this country.

The company currently has four manufacturing plants (for blades, generators, and nacelle and gearbox assembly) in the province of Tianjin, and two more under construction, in Jilin and Inner Mongolia.

Gamesa broke ground on the Jilin plant in May 2010. The plant is scheduled to open in March 2011. The new facility, with an anticipated annual output of approximately 250 machines, will manufacture Gamesa’s cutting edge 2.0 MW wind turbines for its partners in that province.

A leading provider of sustainable energy technology to China

A Chinese company with Spanish roots, Gamesa installed its first wind turbine in China in Yumen City, Gansu Province in the year 2000, developing rapidly with China since that time.

Today, Gamesa China is a leading provider of sustainable energy technology to China in the form of wind turbine generators and development of wind farms across the country.

With more than 2,000 of its wind turbines installed in over 60 locations in China, 6 production facilities, and other operations in Beijing and Shanghai employing approximately 1,200 people, Gamesa is a committed and reliable partner for China in its development of clean, low-carbon sources of energy.