Sunvalley Promoting New Super Efficient Thin Film Solar Energy Panels

The A-Si thin film module has better performance in high temperatures and lower irradiance conditions than other modules. Not only do the A-Si thin film modules perform better, they are less expensive than the crystalline silicon PV modules. Traditionally thin film modules required more surface area and costly racking and BOS systems for installation.

The new TW-TF series from Tianwei, which Sunvalley is promoting in the U.S., is the most advanced high efficient A-Si thin film module in the world. With the higher efficiency less surface area is needed and installation costs are much less than expected with traditional thin film modules.

Besides the existing Tianwei SolarFilm TW-SF series module (75W~95W), Sunvalley is promoting the TW-TF series modules in the U.S. This new series brings a significant benefit to solar system installers and end-users in terms of cost and efficiency of their solar systems.

"Tianwei’s high quality, low cost, high efficiency thin film panels will decrease our installation costs and ensure the continued superior level of product quality and service that the Sunvalley Solar client has come to expect," said James Zhang, CEO of Sunvalley Solar.

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