Sinovel to operate world’s most advanced wind turbines

Sinovel, one of China’s leading wind power producers, will have its first 6-megawatt wind turbine unit off the production line in June this year, making China the second country — after Germany — to produce the world’s largest capacity wind energy generator.

Qin Haiyan, secretary-general of the Chinese Wind Energy Association, considers the production of the wind turbines a landmark that signifies China now holds the world’s most advanced wind power generation technology.

So far, no such wind turbines is in commercial operation. Two or three wind turbines in Germany are undergoing trial operation. Sinovel’s first wind turbine will also be tested before it can be used.

Tao Gang, vice chairman of Sivovel, said that the company not only holds independent intellectual property rights of the wind turbines, but controls the whole industrial chain of the product.

He said the wind turbines would boost the development of wind power in China, particularly marine wind farm plants. Qin noted that the development of marine wind power could contribute a lot to easing the power supply pressure for the coastal areas, which is the powerhouse of China’s economy.

Sinovel has undertaken China’s first national marine wind farm demonstration project. The capacity of the Shanghai-based wind farm equivalent to the one-year demand of more than 200,000 households in Shanghai. The installation of and bidding for 1.4 million kilowatts of marine wind power has been completed in China’s eastern coastal area.