The easy-to install device facilitates consumer transition to wind power

Urban Green Energy, the New York-based manufacturer of small vertical axis wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar street lamps, today added the UGE 1st Step anemometer and weather station to its product portfolio. The UGE 1st Step is designed to facilitate a transition to wind energy for home owners and consumers by providing an easy-to-install device that gauges wind speed at any location. A wireless hand-held display easily transfers recorded data via USB to PC, where data can be stored and graphed.

Available online through and, the UGE 1st Step anemometer and weather station lets consumers easily detect wind speeds by providing an accurate assessment of wind resource. Users can record day-to-day wind readings, which are especially important for helping customers choose the optimal installation site for a wind turbine. To promote a future of clean energy, Urban Green Energy is offering a full rebate to customers who purchase the UGE 1st Step anemometer and weather station if they choose to buy a UGE wind turbine.

The UGE 1st Step comes with a wireless LED display, which can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a desktop, to view real-time weather measurements. In addition to wind speed and wind direction, the UGE 1st Step measures barometric pressure, interior and exterior temperature, humidity, rainfall, date and time. A calendar feature is also included, allowing the user to set a specific day, date, and time for the display to log data over periods of time, providing an option to view maximum and minimum measurements over the course of user-specified time periods. Users can also set an alarm for a specific weather condition, such as when the temperature falls below freezing.

Urban Green Energy is a global leader in small wind energy and renewable energy systems. With over 100 quality distributors and installations in nearly 50 countries, UGE designs, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge vertical axis wind turbines as well as hybrid wind/solar streetlamps with a track record of high performance, safety, and reliability. UGE-trained representatives can answer questions, supply our products, and provide post-sales support locally, no matter where our customers are located.