Q&A with Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc; Innovative Wind Power Tech

Investorideas.com, a leader in cleantech stock research issues the following Q&A with Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc (OTCBB: CWET) discussing the company’s Downdraft Towers , the technology behind them and the future of the wind turbines industry.


Q: Investorideas.com

Ron, can you tell investors how the Downdraft Towers works?

A: Ronald W. Pickett, President and CEO, Chairman- The Downdraft Tower is simply a round hollow cylinder structure that reaches into the sky to capture “hot” “dry” air which exists in many regions of the world including southwest USA and Mexico. A fine mist of water is sprayed across the top opening of the Tower; the dry air becomes heavy with the moisture and sinks to the bottom of the Tower creating wind forces of approximately 50 MPH. Tunnels at the base of the Tower allow the wind to exit. Turbines are aligned in the tunnels which spin and drive generators to produce electricity. The Tower applies proven techniques to known science.

Q: Investorideas.com

Can you give us some insight into the economic benefits of the Energy Tower?

A: Ronald W. Pickett, President and CEO, Chairman- The Downdraft Energy Tower generates clean renewable energy at or near the traditionally low cost of a coal-fired power plant without impacting our environment or natural resources. Thousands of jobs are created. Unlike other alternative energy options, the Tower does not require tax credits or government subsidies to be economically viable.

Q: Investorideas.com

Can you tell investors about your patents and IP?

A: Ronald W. Pickett, President and CEO, Chairman- CWET has filed a number of patents relating to both the construction and operating techniques for the Tower. For example: typical wind turbines are stand alone turbines in a field which generally captures about 35% of the wind’s energy (50% of the wind must pass through a turbine for it to function). CWET has filed patents pertaining to placing turbines in a series allowing the collection of 90% of the wind’s energy. A description of this and other patent filings appears on our website.

Q: Investorideas.com

What kind of sales does the Company expect?

A: Ronald W. Pickett, President and CEO, Chairman- The Downdraft Energy Tower will produce electricity along the same order of magnitude as a traditional nuclear power plant. We will be selling the power from our first Tower into the grid through a power purchase agreement. The Company estimates that at current costs and rates the Tower can generate about $900MM annually before debt service.

Q: Investorideas.com

Ron, in closing, how do you see your technology playing a role in the wind technology industry- and what does the future look like based on what you are seeing?

A: Ronald W. Pickett, President and CEO, Chairman- In my opinion the Clean Wind Energy Tower is aGAME CHANGER. We still need to pursue traditional wind and solar sources as well as other new innovative green renewable solutions as they evolve. Also, the exterior walls of the Tower are designed to collect prevailing winds and drive them down the exterior of the Tower into wind tunnels to power additional turbines and generate additional electricity. We refer to the Tower as a “Dual Renewable” energy resource.

About Clean Wind Energy, Inc. (http://www.CWETower.com)

Clean Wind Energy, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc, is designing and preparing to develop, and construct large “Downdraft Towers” that use benevolent, non-toxic natural elements to generate electricity and clean water economically by integrating and synthesizing numerous proven as well as emerging technologies. In addition to constructing Downdraft Towers in the United States and abroad, the Company intends to establish partnerships at home and abroad to propagate these systems and meet increasing global demand for clean water and electricity.

Clean Wind has assembled a team of experienced business professionals, engineers and scientists with access to the breakthrough energy research upon which this technology is founded and the proven ability to bring the idea to market. Clean Wind has filed several patents that the Company believes will further enhance this potentially revolutionary technology.

Dual Renewable Energy Technology

The Downdraft Tower is a hollow cylinder with a water spray system at the top. Pumps deliver water to the top of the Downdraft Tower to spray a fine mist across the entire opening. The water evaporates and cools the hot dry air at the top. The cooled air is more dense and heavier than the outside warmer air and falls through the cylinder at speeds up to 50 mph, driving the turbines located at the base of the structure. The turbines are attached to generators to produce electricity. The exterior of the Downdraft Tower is constructed with vertical “wind vanes” that run the entire length of the structure. The Downdraft Tower’s vanes capture the prevailing wind and channel it through a separate system of tunnels to turn turbines attached to generators that produce additional electrical power. This dual renewable energy resource enhances the capability and productivity of the Clean Wind system.


Various parties in the United States and other nations are pursuing clean energy solutions that use efficient and cost- effective renewable resources to serve society while avoiding the adverse effects associated with fossil and nuclear fuels, and also the obvious limitations of solar collectors that work only when the sun shines or wind turbines that work only when the wind blows.

The Downdraft Tower has the capability of being operated with virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption, or waste production and this technology has the potential to generate clean, cost effective and efficient electrical power without the damaging effects caused by using fossil or nuclear fuels, and other conventional power sources. The Company also believes that increasing emphasis on green technologies and governmental incentives in the energy industry should have a positive long-term effect on the Company’s planned business and the wind energy industry in general.


The Company has entered into a number of agreements with potential partners to meet the development aspects of the tower. Specifically, three of the largest companies in the world are working with clean wind providing final bids to meet the tower’s specifications.

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