Already 732.4 MW of concentrated solar energy in Spain

The forecasts have almost completed. Protermosolar demonstrates the vitality of the sector that will comply with the outlook raised previously.

As for the electricity generated by solar power last year has been only 661 GWh, which may seem an amount not very small relative to the total energy generated with other technologies and other primary sources (only 2.5% of demand), but we must bear in mind that many of the concentrated solar energy plants that have been connected in 2010 have done so throughout the year, several of them at the end so the electricity has been, of course proportional to the time they are connected.

If they had worked all year and connected concentrating solar thermal power plants have generated more than 1,500 GWh (0.6% of demand).

Anyway, that electricity from the sun has brought 266,581 tons of CO2 emissions, contributing modestly to the Kyoto Protocol compliance. It has also improved our balance of payments abroad because they have declined proportionately the amounts of coal and / or natural gas that was bought abroad.