GE announces completion of Idaho wind energy plant

GE has announced that the construction of Idaho wind farm was completed, resulting in the installation of 122 of GE’s 1.5MW wind turbines. The wind power plants are now operational and delivering clean energy to Idaho Power Company and its customers, while also bringing jobs to the region.

The wind farms are capable of generating 183 megawatts of energyenough to power 39,700 average Idaho homesand are positioned on 11 sites in two topographically diverse regions in southern Idaho (eight wind farms in Hagerman and three wind farms in Burley) situated 70 miles apart.

"Today marks a significant milestone for residents of Idaho who can now power their homes with cleaner, independently sourced energy," said Kevin Walsh, Managing Director and Leader of Power and Renewable Energy at GE Energy Financial Services. "In addition to increasing our nation’s energy independence, these wind farms provide enormous environmental benefits, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the removal of 57,000 cars from the roads. We also were able to bring temporary and permanent jobs to a region that has been dramatically impacted by the economic slowdown."

The project created over 300 construction jobs, far in excess of the originally anticipated 175 jobs. Approximately 25 permanent jobs also were created for maintenance and other critical functions. In addition to those employed directly, using a National Renewable Energy Laboratory model, a wind project of this size would typically support the equivalent of 2,200 full-time jobs in the US for one year.