Worries – EGYPT

Dear Friend,

I really relay on your concern and support that we really need at this critical moment of the Egyptian history.

1- Let me explain to you shortly and very truly what happened and our urgent need for your immediate supportive action:

– The story is that the Egyptians, motivated by young civilized generation, are mobilizing peacefully for more freedom and democracy.

– Right now, the protest movement is truly popular, non-sectarian, and contains non-violent activists and pacifists, people young and old, poor and rich, Christian and Muslim, bright and promising entrepreneurs and intellectuals, representing the diverse spectrum of Egyptian society.

– The peaceful demonstration at Al-Tahrir square in the heart of Cairo turned by foolish security forces behavior into chaos that has paralyzed the Egyptian economy, forcing the closure of banks, train services Universities and schools.

– The damages and destructions happened outside Tahrir square and the escape of criminals from the Egyptian prisons were due to irresponsible action by top leaders of the security forces [Ministry of Interior].

– Egyptians are looking forward to a corruption-free country. Many Leaders of the country were badly chosen resulting in bringing our country down.

– Egypt is a strong and civilized country rich by its manpower who will correct any deviations and eliminate corruptions and any sign of dictatorship.

– Egypt will become stronger country in the nearest future leading to a more stable and secure as will as justice-based Middle East.

– The crisis in Egypt has global implications: the spread of democracy and human rights worldwide, the preservation of world heritage and cultural history in Egypt, not to mention dramatic effects on the global economy in already turbulent times.

– Time is short and urgent, the longer the international community waits to act, the more irreparable damage will be done to this geopolitically pivotal and influential country.

2- I therefore entreat you to use your influence and/or authority to put an end to the violence in Egypt and to secure the rights and dignity of the Egyptian people once and for all.

A proper investigation should be launched into the crimes committed against humanity this week. Urgent action is needed to bring a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

I look forward to hearing from you on this important matter,

Once again, thank you very much for your feelings and your invaluable friendship as well as solidarity.