Bahrain MoU signed for wind energy desalination technology

The MoU will enable Jade to introduce green desalination technologies for the first time in the Gulf region. The consultancy will provide advice on business opportunities and the environment, customize the design concept of seawater desalination powered by wind energy and provide project management support.

Jade Consultancy will use its wide experience to facilitate cooperation with research centers in the GCC countries’ on related issues of water desalination and wind energy.

Synlift Systems has the expertise and the technical capabilities to conduct feasibility studies in order to implement combined or single wind energy and reverse-osmosis desalination systems. Extensive laboratory studies simulating the Gulf region conditions have shown good results that this design concept is technically viable and also economical.

At the signing ceremony, the German ambassador, Dr Hubert Lang said, "For some years I have been trying to promote the idea of alternative and clean energy sources in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We all know by now that nuclear energy is by far not the best solution and we absolutely must look for other energy sources and resources.

"They are there, waiting to be used: the olar power, the wind turbines, the waves and others. The technologies to use these sources efficiently already exist and more scientific research on them is taking place."

Dr Ebrahim Alhashimi, chairman of Jade Consultancy stated, "We are delighted to have formed an alliance with Synlift Systems because we strongly believe that we should fulfill our part in protecting the environment utilizing the concept design for producing desalinated water using wind power is one way of doing so."