Acciona Commences Building of Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm

The construction of the wind farm is anticipated to be completed in a year’s time and will create a number of provisional construction jobs, which can bring more businesses to the local community.

The Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm will incorporate 66 numbers of 2.0 MW wind turbines all over the 10,888 acres of rural land taken by it on lease. The wind farm when completed will generate enough clean energy to supply electricity to 46,000 homes in Oklahoma and other states and will offset approximately 339,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions of a normal fossil fuel plant generating the same power.

The wind power project is located around 15 miles west of the 123-MW Red Hills Wind Farm constructed and put into operations by the company in June 2009. ACCIONA has chosen M.A. Mortensen, a local constructing company, which has adequate experience and exposure to build the Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm. Earlier Mortensen had built the Red Hills Wind Farm for the company.

The wind farm is anticipated to provide over $20 million in the form of tax income for Roger Mills County. The company has signed 44 lease accords with the landowners of the county and will provide them extra income during the lease period.