Second Wind, WISE to Expand its Triton Sonic Wind Profiler Market in South Africa

The company also has associated with WISE (Wind Information Sentinel), a world-wide data services offering company, to sustain the expected growth of its wind profiler technology in South Africa.

The Triton Sonic wind profilers supplied by Second Wind incorporates an advanced type of remote sensing system that employs sodar (sound detection and ranging) engineering to measure the force of wind at higher levels than that of the earlier utilized tower-based measurement standard. The profilers allow the testing of wind level beyond the hub height of the rotor up to 200 meters and reduce the vagueness in forecasting annual energy production.

Leading wind power companies deploy Triton to estimate the wind conditions of the locations before commencing their wind generation project. The company has supplied and erected its first Triton in South Africa in June last year, from there on, the company has received orders for five more Tritons, which includes repeat orders from Windlab, an International wind developing company. The Tritons supplied by the company have proved to be successful and achieved more than 99.7% uptime.

WISE as Triton Certified Partner of Second Wind will offer the assistance of AfriWeather, a meterological instrument supplier, based in Cape Town and Wind Prospect, a wind consulting company, in erecting, redeploying of the Tritons and other required field services in South Africa. WISE along with AfriWeather will also offer installation and maintenance services for the Triton units currently being erected in South Africa.