AMSC to Supply D-VAR Solution to Nordex UK

It announced that it has recently received two orders from Nordex UK, a Manchester, England-based wind farm. The D-VAR solution supplied by AMSC is anticipated to be used in around 15 wind farms all over the UK.

The D-VAR solutions produced in the Middleton, WI, facility of AMSC, enables safe interconnectivity between the wind farms and the grid, to transfer the power generated from the farms securely. The D-VAR STATCOM smart grid solutions regularly observe the flow of current to the power grid and by design they quickly react to brace the fluctuations in the voltage at the initial phases of the wind farm to facilitate smooth transfer of power through the power lines with greater efficiency and reliability.

The smart grid solutions are deployed to strengthen the electricity networks to facilitate them to be more flexible and competent enough to meet the changing requirements of the commonly employed applications such as plug-in type of electric vehicles and Advanced Metering Infrastructure that assess, gather and analyze energy usage. Currently the D-VAR solutions provided by AMSC are used in 70 wind farms and 20 electric utility companies in six countries all over the world