China Invests 300B Yuan On Wind Energy

China invested 300 billion yuan on wind power development in 2010 and started construction on 378 major wind farm generation facilities, reports

According to the report, China has wind power resources of between 700 GW and 1.2 TW available for exploration. Wind turbines is likely to become the third most important energy resource in China after thermal power and hydropower.

China had installed wind power capacity of 42 GW as of end 2010, the highest in the world. China’s photovoltaic power is currently used for power supply to remote rural areas and for use by special industries.

China’s biogas and waste incineration power generation capacities were 800 MW and 500 MW in 2010, respectively.  In addition, the country aims to cut emissions of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide by 7.8 million tons and 1.2 billion tons by 2020.