Wind Farm Construction Commences in Idaho

Pavilion Energy Resources, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PVRE). Foundations have been laid for the first turbine on a 3,000 acre wind farm property which the JV has permitted near Pocatello, Idaho.

Our JV partners in Idaho have made significant progress on developing what promises to become the first of many wind farms in the world to use revolutionary accelerator wind turbines.

Idaho partners, LA Wind, are responsible for funding this 80 MW permitted wind power project and a future slate estimated to eventually produce 5,000 MW.

The extension of the 30% federal capital grant for renewable energy projects means financing these projects is very attractive to investors looking for green investments with the highest return.

PVRE believes it has a better solution to free the world from fossil fuels — make green wind energy so cheap that everyone wants it! This revolutionary accelerator turbine could mark the beginning of the end for energy wars.

The widespread adoption of lower-cost accelerating wind turbines coupled with low cost pumped hydro schemes to store intermittent power, promises to lower the cost of renewable wind energy to compete squarely with coal and gas, thus ending the tyranny of high-cost fossil fuel pollution for the entire world.

Additional earth-changing wind project proposals are in development in various nations. We anticipate completing company-transforming financing shortly, which could significantly increase shareholder value.