Solar-thermal power of China’s opportunity

This raises the billions of humans and the huge energy, has been wasted his passion. According to the understanding of our sun, 22 hours above sunshine duration in areas of land area of 2/3 above, solar radiation in receiving the energy equivalent to thousands of three gorges project, equivalent to 17,000 billion tons of heat.

If the reasonable utilization of solar energy collector to heat, every square metre is collected solar collector can collect more than half a ton of coal. If use 10 square metre, the year of the solar collector can collect is equivalent to the above 5 tons of coal energy.

The expert thinks: "200 million kilowatts of solar heating units, will help reduce 1500 tons of carbon dioxide, the earth is a kind of 1280 million acres of forest, and also for the earth is reduced 290 million cars!"

Unfortunately, China has formed in photovoltaic power industry, and the scale of twin brother solar-thermal power but also basically in technology development stage, China and Asia are not a real sense of solar thermal power plant.

China’s current generation of solar heat radiates with international advanced level of the big gap between the. In Spain, the United States and other countries in solar power enterprise subordinate to China market, China has established solar heat generation of strategic position, subsidy policy, technology r&d input into