The first wind energy plant in Honduras

The consortium of Gamesa and Iberdrola Engineering and Construction started the construction of the largest wind farm in Central America.

Jose Moran, manager of Wind Energy projects in Honduras, local subsidiary of Mesoamerica Energy, reported that all details are completed and that this leads to the construction of the first stage.

The sustainability of this wind power project comes from the energy supply contract (PPA), which remain with the National Electricity Company (ENEE) for twenty years. The huge investment comes from project funding provided by the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), by an amount of 250 million dollars.

The wind farm will be equipped with 51 Gamesa G87-2 MW wind turbines, to be placed along these two municipalities, where the wind power will generate 100 MW of clean energy.

Both Iberdrola and Gamesa have a well-structured schedule to meet the commitments signed with the Mesoamerican Energy park owner, who plans to begin commercial operation of the campus between January and February 2012.

The contract to build the wind farm known as Cerro de Hula is performed under a turnkey contract and the expected time of execution of the works is 18 months.

The change is evident in the environment both as Sanbuenaventura Santa Ana, where people are beginning to see the start of construction and with it the chance to get jobs as part of the unskilled labor required for the project.

In addition to the payment of temporary employees, communities will receive a significant spillover effect on the movement of people in the area.