Sunvalley Solar awarded solar energy installation contract in Holtville, CA

In addition to the existing contract with Vessey (see news release January 18th), Sunvalley Solar has contracted with them for another identical 54.34 Kilowatt solar power system, at a different location.

It is comprised of 572 solar panels from Tianwei Solarfilms and one 50 Kilowatt solar inverter from photovoltaic powered. The total contracted value is approximately $249,964. The contract is supported by ~$120K of solar incentive rebates from the local utility company and ~$75K of Federal Tax Cash Grants from Federal Treasury Department.

The solar system is expected to generate 93,435 Kilowatt hours of electricity annually. During the peak months of May through October the system will generate surplus power and earn credits with Imperial Irrigation District Utility, offsetting the less sunny winter months.

The installations for both locations of the Vessey & Co Inc. 54.34 Kilowatt solar systems will begin in the middle of 2011.