Sterling Agro buys wind power equipment from Suzlon

Sterling Agro Industries has placed an order with Suzlon to buy wind energy equipment that will raise its renewable energy production capacity to 18.55 megawatt.

"Encouraged by the experience of our recently commissioned wind farm, we have again trusted the expertise of Suzlon for the new wind farm," Kuldeep Saluja, managing director of Sterling Agro Industries, said in a statement.

Suzlon, India’s largest wind turbines manufacturer, has also supplied equipment to Sterling Agro for its wind farm in Rajasthan that has the production capacity of 6.3 MW. Sterling’s new wind farm plants located in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh will raise the company’s total wind power production capacity to nearly 25 MW.

"In just over a decade India’s wind energy market has grown from just around 50 MW per year to nearly 2,000 MW, translating in to an annual turnover of over 10,000 crore," Saluja said commenting on the future of renewable energy in India.