Solar Millennium Will Manage Project and Development Data of Blythe Solar Power

Skire, Inc., the global industry leader in providing cloud-based solutions for managing capital projects, facilities and real estate, announced that Solar Millennium, LLC, the project development subsidiary of integrated solar solutions company Solar Trust of America, LLC, has selected Skire’s Unifier solution to manage the concentrated solar energy project and development data of their Blythe Solar Power Project, which is currently the largest permitted solar thermal power facility to be built in the world.

The multi-billion dollar concentrating solar power project is the largest active development project in the United States today and is estimated to take up to five years to build. Solar Millennium plans to use Unifier during the entire development process. When completed, the solar facility is expected to provide 1,000 megawatts (MW) of nominal engineering capacity, which is enough electricity to annually power 300,000 single family homes.

“Skire is honored to be serving such an important role on such a groundbreaking project,” said Skire’s executive vice president Trenton Brown. “We are confident that Unifier will deliver maximum control over this project by putting important standards and processes in place right away. We understand how critical it is to keep projects on time and on budget and Unifier will help accomplish these goals.”

Designed to improve operations, reduce costs and enhance service delivery, Unifier enables efficient collaboration between multiple project partners, stakeholders and government agencies by providing access to all project data in real time.

“Skire will contribute to our success as Unifier enables all team members to follow the same standards,” said Steven Brewer, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Solar Millennium. “When you are developing a project of this magnitude, that kind of consistency is very important.”

Brown commented, “Most companies have elaborate and outdated procedures for managing project data – they use spreadsheets and various disconnected systems. This method is ineffective at managing the massive amount of data on projects of this size and providing qualitative data because it does not give you a complete, consistent, real-time picture of the project. With Unifier, Solar Millennium will be able to access all project data in real time.”

Skire is the global industry leader in providing cloud-based solutions for managing capital projects, facilities and real estate. Skire’s Unifier system has helped manage over $300 billion in capital projects and over three billion square feet of facilities and real estate. From Global Fortune 1000 companies, including five of the Fortune 10, to universities, local municipalities and small businesses, organizations of all sizes utilize our best-in-class system to improve operations, reduce costs and enhance service delivery. Skire was recognized by Inc. Magazine in 2010 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies and is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Solar Trust of America, LLC is an integrated industrial solar solutions company strategically positioned to support the critical need for renewable energy generation in the United States. The company’s Project Development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), financial resources and operational management expertise ensures the delivery of a fully-integrated concentrated solar power solution using commercially viable and proven parabolic trough solar thermal energy technology. Solar Millennium, LLC is their project development subsidiary headquartered in Oakland, Calif.