Munro Distributing Company expands into solar energy

Munro Distributing Company Inc., a premier distributor of energy efficiency, renewable and electrical products, today announced expansion of their product line to include solar thermal / solar hot water. Munro Distributing offers a variety of photovoltaic solar energy components including modules, racking systems and inverters, and will now begin to design and supply residential and commercial solar hot water systems via SunTrac’s solar thermal panels.

“With the rapid return on investment that solar provides, we can now further the objectives of energy conscious entities large and small.”

Solar thermal panels are used to generate solar energy into thermal energy, or heat. SunTrac’s solar hot water panels are the most efficient panel in the solar hot water industry and are designed to be an alternative to evacuated tube collectors for commercial and industrial customers who require hot water between 140°F and 250°F.

“By extending our services into the solar hot water industry, we are providing our customers with an additional avenue to hedge escalating energy costs while promoting sustainability,” said Glenn Maltais, director of Munro’s Solar Division. “With the rapid return on investment that solar provides, we can now further the objectives of energy conscious entities large and small.”

SunTrac Solar, Inc. is the only American manufacturer of high temperature solar thermal panels capable of reaching residential and commercial temperature demands. The patented system has morphed the best of parabolic and flat plate collector concepts into a highly efficient design. Through the use of internally mounted self tracking parabolic troughs, SunTrac is capable of capturing over 70% of the available solar energy and can heat water up to 250 degrees providing a lower cost per BTU than other products on the market.

Munro has been instrumental in the installation of photovoltaic solar projects throughout the Northeast, and anticipates having the same impact with solar hot water. They will be hosting a solar thermal technology and installation seminar to teach those who are interested about the technology and how it can help them save energy. For details, visit

In addition to their solar energy division, Munro also carries electrical supplies, energy efficient lighting and controls and fire alarm systems. Solar professionals are now available to assist with the analysis and implementation of thermal and photovoltaic solar solutions.

Munro Distributing is a premier supplier of electrical supplies, renewable energy components, commercial lighting and energy efficient lighting. They have locations throughout MA, RI, NY, NJ and CA.