Ahura Solar Concentrating Systems signs PPA with PG&E

Ahura signed its first Power Purchase Agreement, PPA, with PG&E for a 1.0 Megawatt system on December 31st 2010. The site which is in Healdsburg, California will be operational in 2011. Ahura is in negotiations for several more PPAs.

Ahura Energy Concentrating Solar System can be used in both utility scale and rooftop deployments. In a given space, it produces 350% more power compared to traditional solar systems at one third the cost per kilowatt hour.

Ahura is seeking collaborators for these projects. Ahura Energy Concentrating Systems Inc., based in Saratoga, CA, is a developer of low cost, high efficiency multi-element solar concentrator systems for large scale thermal (CST) and photovoltaic (CPV) applications. The company is currently operating in stealth mode.

Ahura Energy’s technology utilizes flat mirrors, as opposed to traditionally expensive concave mirrors, to focus the photons in the sun’s rays onto the PV material or thermal pipe. Because Ahura systems use a non-motorized actuating mechanism the company believes it can achieve better than 50% reduction in bill of material (“BOM”) costs. Ahura Energy’s levelized cost of energy (LCOE) is at grid parity at present and that the technology will enable solar developers to produce electricity at costs 40% below grid parity levels.

Ahura Energy was founded in 2006 by Fareed Sfard, the company’s CEO with over 20 years experience in the Solar industry.