Solar Acquisition Corp. Announces Asset Acquisition

Solar Acquisition Corp. (OTCBB: SLRX) is pleased to announce that it has finalized the acquisition of the assets of Clean Power, Inc.

Included among the assets are Clean Power’s extensive propriety research, business development plans for building a diversified renewable energy company, and information related to building turnkey energy systems in the solar and wind farm businesses.

As part of the acquisition, Solar Acquisition is also acquiring first negotiating rights on the future acquisition of designs for a proprietary solar lighting system and assets for the development of solid oxide fuel cells.

"The acquisition of these assets, and the knowledge that comes along with them, is the next step in expanding our business focus from the solar power sector to renewable energy overall, and will lay the foundation for developing Solar Acquisition Corp. into a diversified renewable energy company in the coming year. I’m very excited to be acquiring these assets as part of our diversification strategy," said Bruce Levy, a member of Solar Acquisition’s board of directors.