Dong Energy to Use Siemens Wind Turbines for Offshore Research

DONG Energy, a known energy company, in Northern Europe, and Siemens have declared the signing of an accord. The signed accord is related to a new offshore wind establishment plan formulated by DONG Energy.

The agreement will require Siemens to supply two newly formulated 6.0 MW offshore wind turbines to DONG Energy and to assist their research and development related to offshore wind energy generation.

The proposed supply of wind turbines will incorporate gearless direct drive technology to offer maintenance free operations. It is expected that the introduction of such wind turbines will bring in more competition in offshore wind energy generation. The wind turbines are expected to be erected at the offshore wind turbine demonstration sites of DONG Energy in Denmark and in the UK.

Siemens as a component of the proposed test program will also provide a current updated variant of its 3.6 MW wind turbine along with a 120 meter rotor for installation at Avedøre Holme wind farm of DONG Energy.

Anders Eldrup, DONG Energy’s CEO, explained the capabilities of his company in offshore wind development and how the proposed demonstration activities will improve the skills of the company. He explained that the introduction of new technologies is essential for reducing the cost of offshore wind power generation.