New solar photovoltaic record in Germany

Solar power photovoltaic capacity registered a new record in Germany. Indeed, about 8,000 new MW are being put into service in 2010, according to a statement by Carsten Koerning, president of BSW, the German solar energy association.

Therefore Germany, already the largest solar power market in the world, keeps increasing its advantage over competitor countries. At the end of the year the total capacity will amount to 18,000 MW, five times that of Spain, which is presently second in the global ranking.

Regarding forecasts for the next few years, BSW is convinced that the domestic market will slow down, although there will still be an accelerated growth, ranging between 3,000 and 5,000 MW per year.

Should these predictions be confirmed, in 2020 German solar PV would reach a capacity between 52,000 and 70,000 MW, with an energy generation that could meet from 9 to 12% of domestic needs (compared with current 2%).

The growth registered in 2010, which redoubled the capacity of the previous year and exceeded even the most favourable forecasts, was achieved especially in the first half-year. In June alone, 2,000 MW were installed. Announced subsidy cuts had caused fears of a demand drop, while they only produced a limited slowdown in the second half-year.