Agreement between Iran and Pakistan for 1,000 MW of wind energy

Sanir, an Iranian public company, signed a joint-venture agreement for the construction, with a Pakistani private company, of a 1,000 MW wind farm in the southern Pakistani province of Sindh.

The agreement was announced by Ahmad Fasih, Commercial Counselor of Iran in Karachi, at a meeting with members of the Pakistani Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

Although Fasih did not provide details, he emphasized that Iran is currently the only country in the region with the technological capability allowing it to develop wind turbines on its own.

Also, it has the "know how" that is necessary to support Pakistan in the construction of any other type of power plant, as well as transport infrastructure such as highways or railways, and large residential complexes and commercial buildings.

Last year Sanir was already awarded a contract for the construction of another 50-MW wind power plant in Pakistan and for the development of electricity infrastructure.

Iran and Armenia has signed also an agreement for SANIR Co to construct four wind turbines units in Armenia in the next two months.

The capacity of the wind farm is 2.5 MW experimentally and it is the first of the wind power plant that Iran is to construct outside its borders.

Iran and Armenia signed a memorandum of understanding to bolster bilateral cooperation in the field of electricity. The agreement was signed by Iran’s Energy Minister Habibollah Bitaraf and his Armenian counterpart Armen Movsisyan.