Chevrolet Volt Electric Car Arrives at Atlanta Chevy Dealership

Mark Frost, General Manager of Jim Ellis Chevrolet in Atlanta, GA, announced today that the dealership has acquired one of the highly anticipated Chevrolet Volts.

In fact, Jim Ellis Chevrolet appears to be the only Chevy dealership in the southeast that has acquired one of the Chevrolet Volts, considered to be an automotive technological marvel. The Chevy Volt was named 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year which is one of the most prestigious awards bestowed in the automotive industry. Initial distribution by General Motors started last week to dealers on the West Coast, Northeast, and Texas. Georgia and other Chevrolet dealers in the Southeast are not scheduled to be able to sell Volts until late in 2011.

"We had so many customers inquiring about the Chevrolet Volt – and thinking it odd that such a highly-touted vehicle was not going to be available for a year – that we went to New York and purchased one. And drove it back 900 miles!" said Frost. "With a Volt, if you are using it mostly for commuting, you never have to use gas again! However, unlike the other electric vehicles on the market, with the Chevrolet Volt, you can still drive to Florida if you want to go on vacation. The gas engine generator kicks in to power the car. And of course, with vehicles like the Prius, you simply don’t have the option to never use gas," Frost noted. "It’s nice to see that the latest, greatest in automotive technology is coming from Chevrolet, an American company," Frost added.

The Volt is on display now at Jim Ellis Chevrolet in Atlanta, Georgia, located just inside the I-285 perimeter on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Jim Ellis Chevrolet has also provided further information on the Chevrolet Volt including details on how to pre-order at