Quebec – Call for tenders for the purchase of 500 MW of wind energy

Hydro-Quebec Distribution announces that it has accepted 12 bids totaling 291,4 MW in response to the call for tenders issued on April 30, 2009, for the purchase of two separate blocks of 250 MW of wind power generated in Quebec– one resulting from Aboriginal wind farm projects and one wind farm resulting from community projects.

The accepted bids for each block of wind power are distributed as follows:

1 bid totaling 24,0 MW for the Aboriginal block;

11 bids totaling 267,4 MW for the community block.

Deliveries of electricity must start between December 1, 2013 and December 1, 2015. The average price of the accepted bids is 13,3 cents/kWh, including 2,0 cents/kWh to transmit the electricity generated. The projects call for capital expenditures of about 730 million for wind farms and another 260 million for power transmission.

Over the coming months, Hydro-Quebec Distribution will finalize contracts with the project proponents. The contracts will then be submitted to the Regie de l’energie for approval. The proponents will be responsible for obtaining all the approvals and permits needed to build wind farms prior to the start of construction.

Since the call for tenders was issued, Hydro-Quebec Distribution has worked with Deloitte Inc. to analyze the bids and to apply the prescribed tendering and contract award procedure.

List of accepted bids: fr/marchequebecois/ao-200902/pdf/soumissions-retenues.pdf

Map of accepted bids: marchequebecois/ao-200902/pdf/carte.pdf

Additional information is available on Hydro-Quebec Distribution’s Web site at marchequebecois/index.html.