SunPods and Saba Motors Host Solar EV Charging Demonstration

The tour was attended by delegates attending master classes at the Future of Electric Vehicles conference held December 7-9, 2010 in San Jose, California. The demonstration included SunPods’ EV Plug-N-GoTM solar charging station and Saba Motors’ Carbon Zero Roadster.

The tour was held at SunPods headquarters in San Jose. Master class attendees were provided with an overview of the SunPods design and manufacturing process. Topics covered SunPods easily installed solar charging solutions for hybrid and all-electric buses, military, utility, and consumer vehicles as well as commercial EV green fleets.

Michael Gumm, co-founder of SunPods Inc., said, “SunPods was pleased to be included as one of the local centers of excellence for IDTechEX’s Future of Electric Vehicles business tours. We look forward to participating in future events as SunPods expands its solar EV charging product line including a solar shade canopy now in development.” Gumm added, “IDTechEX is well known for their global analysis, strategic advice and market intelligence covering EVs as well as photovoltaics and energy harvesting.”

The tour concluded with a visit to the SunPods factory area where attendees could examine a fully assembled SunPods solar array, Clipper Creek charging station and the Saba Motors all-electric Carbon Zero Roadster. The Carbon Zero Roadster is an all-electric sports car uniquely designed for both high performance and affordability. An engine that does zero-to-sixty mph in five seconds, has a driving range of 140 highway miles on a single charge, and generates zero pollution to the environment places the Carbon Zero Roadster on the leading edge of technology.

“The Future of Electric Vehicles master class attendees are Saba Motors’ ideal audience because they are specifically focused on today’s emerging EV technologies,” said Simon Saba, Founder of Saba Motors. “We received a high degree of interest in the innovative design elements – a 42% lighter vehicle combined with an 85% more efficient use of energy – that will make the Carbon Zero Roadster readily available to both auto and electric car enthusiasts.”

The Future of Electric Vehicles Conference is the world’s only event that covers all forms of electric vehicles – land, water, and air. Uniquely, it concentrates on the potentially disruptive breakthroughs of the future including radically new materials, components and forms. The event includes an exhibition, master classes, and visits to local centers of excellence. It is the first and only event worldwide to have such scope, giving a thorough understanding of the game-changing developments in the industry.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, SunPods designs and manufactures factory-built solar solutions. SunPods vision is to engineer solar systems that can be delivered to the project site fully-assembled with all of the components required to generate solar energy. The SunPods Solar Smart TechnologiesTM design methodology minimizes on-site construction or site preparation and reduces installation time by up to 90 percent. Products include on-grid and off-grid solutions, EV solar charging and ground mount systems for commercial, government and residential applications. SunPods also delivers specialized solutions for landfills, brownfields and agricultural operations.

SABA Motors, Incorporated, a development-stage company, was founded in 2008 by Simon Saba, a mechanical engineer and successful entrepreneur, with deep ties to Silicon Valley high-tech manufacturing. The company is headquartered at Club Auto Sport, where SABA Motors is a part of that facility’s Fast Lane to Clean Tech incubator.

Saba Motors is commercializing a sports car like no other before it: a Battery-Electric Vehicle named the Carbon Zero Roadster, or CZR, that delivers exotic sports-car performance at an everyday-car price. The company’s innovations in design, manufacturing, supply-chain, and materials delivers a vehicle that weighs 42% less, uses 85% less energy, is safer, more reliable, and easier to manufacture than any standard passenger vehicle currently on the market., and comes close to achieving price-parity with them as well. Due to its unique chassis design and innovative manufacturing process, the CZR can move to volume production faster, and can be scaled much more rapidly, than traditional vehicle designs.

ClipperCreek brings product leadership to the electric vehicle charging infrastructure marketplace with reliable, safe and flexible, software-driven products that have been proven through 15 years of development and field experience. ClipperCreek leads the industry with over 3,000 chargers hipped since January of 2009 and is the exclusive provider of EVSE chargers for BMW’s Mini-E and for Tesla Motors’ Level 2 EVSE charging stations. ClipperCreek also provides chargers to power Mercedes, GM and Nissan vehicles.