Citroën C-Zero Confirmed For Government Electric Vehicle Grant

Earlier today, the grant was confirmed for nine plug-in and electric cars, including Citroën’s new all-electric C-ZERO. Citroën is one of the first European manufacturers to introduce a full-electric vehicle to the market. In the UK, Citroën is offering a comprehensive ‘peace-of-mind’ package for both business and private users with the C-ZERO available to lease at £415 per month (excl. VAT) over 4 years/40,000 miles. The offer includes the lease of the vehicle (with battery pack) and all servicing and maintenance. First deliveries are scheduled for early 2011.

Linda Jackson, Citroën UK’s Managing Director, commented; “We are delighted that our environmentally-considerate C-ZERO has been recognised for the £5,000 grant. A comfortable, economical and practical mode of transport for town and city drivers, C-ZERO is one of the first truly viable solutions for the future of urban motoring. We look forward to its arrival on our roads early next year.”

The C-ZERO is designed to make battery-powered urban mobility easy for customers, with compact dimensions, rapid battery charge and sufficient range (up to 93miles) for the majority of day-to-day car journeys. A high level specification and comfort enhancing features ensure users enjoy the economic benefits of electric power without losing the equipment of conventionally powered vehicles.

With enjoyable performance and handling, the C-ZERO also delivers impressively low running costs – a full re-charge costs approximately £1.50. Other financial benefits include free VED and free parking in a number of UK locations. As a full-electric vehicle, C-ZERO also qualifies for a 100% discount against the London Congestion Charge from 4th January 2011. Drivers could save around £2,500 a year based on 250 working days at the new £10 day rate