Eritrea: Inhabitants of Beilul Get Access to Wind Energy

They stated that the newly installed electricity service has enabled them to follow up national and international developments, besides improving their lifestyle. Various business enterprises are also mushrooming in the area thanks to the introduction of the service, he added.

The technician of the newly installed device, Mr. Ali Mohammed Ismail, explained on his part that the putting in place of the wind-energy generating device is fit for domestic consumption and that it could generate 24-hour electricity service, provided there exist strong wind.

The Acting head of the area, Mr. Mohammed Ali Ahmed, indicated that the introduction of power supply has a vital role to play in facilitating the activities of health institutions and called on the local inhabitants to make good use of it.

Reports indicated that electricity service has been introduced in 5 semi-urban center and 2 villages in the Southern Red Sea region in the year 2010 at an expenditure of over 16 million Nakfa.