Spain has 870 electric vehicles with Movele Plan

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade has managed to put 870 electric vehicles in circulation by Movele Project, a program designed to promote electric cars that included the sale of 2,000 electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries in 2009 and 2010 and which expires next December 31.

Specifically, through this pilot program have been marketed 870 electric vehicles, which have received an average subsidy of 3,289 euros per electric car, according to the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE).

For types of electric vehicles, the most numerous are motorcycles with 375 units, followed by light commercial vehicles with 267 units, 98 units of passenger electric cars, commercial quadricycles with 89 units, with 29 medium-duty commercial units and quads-tourism 12 units.

However, Movele Project, which has 190 dealers attached, has received grant applications for a total of 1,273 electric vehicles, so that about 400 units are pending proceedings are resolved.

IDAE sources explained that their two years of operation the Movele could reach about 1,500 electric cars with lithium ion batteries on the market (against a target of 2,000 set by industry), but advanced one is studying the possibility of extending the project, since it has not consumed its budget.

Thus, Movele Project had a budget of eight million exclusively to subsidize the purchase of electric cars. At the end of November, the requested operations correspond with funding of 3.75 million euros, which would not consume other 4.25 million.

By region, Madrid tops the electric vehicles with 400, with 241 ahead of Catalonia, Basque Country, with 52, Andalusia 40, Murcia 34, 30-Valencia, Castilla y León with 15, Balearic Islands Galicia 14 and 10.

As for the type of customer, the 870 electric vehicles marketed under the Plan Movele, 464 were purchased by companies, 176 for utilities, 126 public institutions and 104 individuals.

In another vein, the Project also fixed the objective of establishing 500 points of recharge electric cars between 2009 and 2010. In the absence of a month for the planned termination of the program had settled 216 points recharge in 83 locations in 37 cities, 44 of them financed by the Movele.

By José Santamarta,