China – Wind energy projects in Huilai involve capital investment of more than 1 billion yuan

Several massive projects and hefty investment in infrastructure are making Huilai county in Jieyang a flourishing coastal region. According to Fang Rulong, head of the county government, two generating units at the Huilai power plant will soon be completed, which follow the onset of operations by China Resources Power Co’s Xian’an and Guanshan wind power projects.

Wind power projects in Huilai involve capital investment of more than 1 billion yuan. As well, a 25.6 billion yuan wind farm project by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corp is on schedule for completion. The company’s Wuyu nuclear power project has passed feasibility appraisal.

"In the coming five years, a total investment of 300 billion yuan will go to those gigantic projects as well as the county’s infrastructure and public facilities," Fang said. "Huilai will surely turn a new chapter of development."

Other big projects that are expected to settle in Huilai include China Resources Power Co’s 1 billion yuan Sanqingshan wind turbines project, the Jinghai general wharf project, which will see capital input of 2.3 billion yuan, a provincial road and seaside road project budgeted at over 5 billion yuan, and the comprehensive development of the county seat and a township that involves capital input of about 10 billion yuan.

"Huilai’s target is to become an economically strong county and a coastal powerhouse in the near future," added Lin Xuqun, the county Party chief. The county’s GDP was 10.14 billion yuan in 2009, rising 15.6 percent from 2008, official statistics indicate.

"The county aims to develop bases for energy, petrochemicals and harbor-related industries," Lin noted. According to the county’s overall plan for 2009 to 2030, the eastern coastal area will focus on energy and port-related industries.

With the number of massive projects underway, Lin expects more projects will come to Huilai to extend the industrial chains. Large harbor projects under construction in Huilai will surely attract businesses to invest in warehousing, logistics, and seaside tourism industries.

Faster development in infrastructure and public facilities is also on the agenda of the county, Lin said. "More than 40 infrastructure projects in Huilai are expected to enter the list of the key projects of Jieyang with total investment expected to surpass 10 billion yuan," he said.

The projects cover roads, power supplies, water supplies, water conservancy, sewage treatment, cultural and educational facilities, hospitals, welfare facilities and rural infrastructure.

The county invested more than 8.6 billion yuan in 35 key projects in 2009 and another 6.2 billion yuan in seven key projects for this year.

According to the county’s overall plan, the downtown area of the county seat is expected to expand to 288 square kilometers.

Lin said that the county’s authorities will continue to improve the investment environment by enhancing the administration efficiency and services for investors and keeping the society in good order. They will also strengthen efforts to protect water and the marine environment.

The county has 18 rivers and 124 reservoirs. Both surface water and groundwater have good quality. The only gateway to the sea in the city of Jieyang, Huilai covers 7,689 square kilometers and has a 109.5 kilometer coastline. The county has three natural ports in Shenquan, Jinghai and Zishen, good for deepwater wharfs.

Huilai is 330 kilometers from Guangzhou and 250 kilometers from Hong Kong. It is just 68 kilometers from Shantou and 270 kilometers from Xiamen in Fujian province.